6th Scientific Wholistic Aromatherapy Conference
 San Francisco,  April 8, 9, 10, 2005

It was so inspiring to be around so many great minds, from the chemists to the M.D.s and ordinary massage practitioners who support using essential oils and bringing them more into the mainstream.  I wanted to share the following information:

 Regarding studies on essential oils and cancer, I took the following notes:

Monoterpenes, which are found in high amounts in citrus peel and needle tree oils (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, fir, pine, spruce, etc.) exhibit the following anti tumor mechanisms:

 -        Blocking of carcinogen activation
-          Enhanced carcinogen detoxification
-          Induce apoptosis 

Monoterpenes are also found in high concentrations in orange juice, grapefruit juice, homemade lemonade, and caraway seeds.  However juice packed in plastic bottles is not so great because the plastic absorbs most of the monoterpenes within about 2 weeks.  Some other interesting points: 

*Monoterpenes accumulate in mammary tissue
*Citrus peel intake lowers skin cancer risk

 Also, from another speaker who successfully treated a cancerous tumor on her dog, she reports that benzaldehyde, found in figs and bitter almond essential oil, interferes with the uptake of nutrients to cancer cells without harming healthy cells.  Bitter almond is difficult to work with, as it is hard to find it in a non-synthetic form, and unless it has had the prussic acid removed, it is highly toxic.

 So it looks like we should eat plenty of citrus and figs to help protect ourselves from developing or a recurrence of cancer, especially in the breasts.