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All soaps are mild, superfatted, all vegetable (except for Goat’s Milk), and have a rich lather.  They are based on olive, coconut, and palm oils. They retain the natural glycerin which is removed from most commercially mass produced soaps.  No artificial fragrance ingredients or dyes are used, only pure essential oils for fragrance and herbs, spices, or minerals for color.  These soaps contain no artificial preservatives and are best stored long term in a cool, dark, dry environment.  All bars are 3.5 ounces.  $3.95 each.

Rosemary Mint                                                  Lavender
Oatmeal Almond                                               Rose Geranium 
Orange Vanilla                                                  Lemon Sunflower 

Goat's Milk                                                        Seashore 
Rum and Spice Shaving                                  Seasonal Special 
Deep Woods                                                    Shea & Calendula Baby Soap