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     The Aromatic Way is a line of handcrafted toiletries and body care products specially formulated by a certified aromatherapist.  Each product is made by hand in small batches with the finest natural ingredients to assure freshness and quality.  The line was born from a fascination with the therapeutic properties of essential oils and other natural aromatic substances.  Essential oils support the body and mind to maintain good health, and the many exquisite aromas please the spirit.  The lotions, creams, and balms are made with nutritious vegetable oils, including shea butter, and extra antioxidant ingredients are added.   All the products containing vegetable oils other than soaps, contain Vitamin E.  Many of the products are made with infusions of organically grown herbs that bring their special energy to them.  We try to keep the products fairly simple and as natural as possible.  We don't bulk them up with inexpensive chemical fillers.

     Aromatic Way products do not contain mineral oil.  Mineral oil is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and has little benefit to any skin type other than as a barrier against harsh environment.  The molecules in the nutritious vegetable oils used in Aromatic Way products are small enough to penetrate skin, unlike mineral oil.

     What sets Aromatic Way products apart from the vast array of body care products on the market today? Aromatic Way products do not contain synthetic fragrances.  The colors and aromas come from natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals, and/or pure essential oils.  The products are lightly scented, so as not to be overwhelming. They contain natural antioxidant ingredients, but little or no preservatives.  After much research and some careful consideration, we've decided in the interest of safety to include a bit of the most commonly used cosmetic preservative blend in the products that contain free water to protect them from bacteria and mold.  Store all Aromatic Way products away from heat and sunlight to maintain their therapeutic properties and keep them fresh. 

     Most of the soaps and other products are vegan, although we do use a little milk, honey, and/or beeswax in some of them.  Our pledge to you is the assurance of fresh, cruelty free products that will never contain synthetic fragrance oils.  We test them on family and friends, but never on animals.  Be good to yourself and indulge in the Aromatic Way!


Aromatic Way donated Fizzy Bath Bombs to gift bags handed out at a charity event founded by TV star Victoria Rowell read more

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